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Gibson's Hunter's Bacon with Duck - Jerky Dog Treats

Our natural, grain-free, USA jerky dog treats are made from high quality ingredients, and a unique solar powered toasting process that seals in the flavor. Packed in our artful bags, these soft jerky treats are ready for your dog to enjoy!

Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Vegetable Glycerin, Chickpea Flour, Sea Salt, Celery Powder, Citrus Pulp, Vinegar, Rosemary Extract

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Marla K.
Picky dog

My very particular older dog is picky about the treats she will eat…and this is her favorite! It’s soft enough for her to chew and the right size to satisfy her snacks needs.

Joe K.
Gibson's Dog Jerky Treats

Our dog loves these treats, great value for the price and she loves the wide variety of flavors and meats. When she hears the crinkling of the bag, she comes running. Great stuff, highly recommend!

Rebecca K.

My dogs go crazy for Gibson's Bacon Treats. I call it "crack" because they come running when they hear the bag open.


Top quality product

Miracle treats!!!

We adopt geriatric and hospice dogs. These treats are the absolute best. Our dogs go crazy for them. It’s super cute to see these old dogs jump around when we get these treats out. One of our current old ladies used to love all treats, but now she has become a treat snob and will only accept these. (Who are we to deny her!) We often get dogs with little to no appetite and these treats do the trick to nicely whet their appetite to get them eating their food. We also have had some very picky eaters and these are never turned down. Sadly we also use these as a marker to know when it is “time”. It’s always tough to know when the right time is to say good bye, but if they stop accepting these then we know it’s time. :-(
We love these so much that we also buy these for all of my “niece and nephew” dogs for Christmas every year. It definitely adds up over time, but it is definitely worth it. If I have to pick up an extra shift at work just to make sure I can always afford these for these amazing dogs it would all still be worth it.

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