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Magic Dust
3.5 oz
Venison Topper

Venison Magic Dust is the new flavor your dog or cat has been asking for. With minimal ingredients and a tasty flavor, this simple solution makes meal time exciting again!

Ingredients: Venison, Vegetable Glycerin, Mixed Tocopherols (A Preservative)

Type: Toppers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good Stuff!

I have used this product for my dogs for many years. First with my Great Dane and now with my Bernedoodle. I sprinkle just a small amount on the kibble and my pooch dives in! She loves it. I've tried several of the flavors and she likes them all.


Great topper. Dog loves it.

This product really is magic for enticing our cat!

Our cat suffers from IBD and is on a special diet that is notorious for not being very enticing to cats. Our vet recommended Magic Dust as a last resort before a pharmaceutical appetite stimulant and it really has been magic!! Our cat not only eats but has put some weight back on! I've already ordered more dust!!

Charles M.

My older dog who is very picky and won't eat his food dry, ATE all his food without having to mix wet food in. Now he starts to salivate when he sees me topping his food!

Jordan S.
Only thing that makes my dog eat!

I've got a very picky cattle dog that would rather starve than eat the same meal twice a day. This magic dust topper stuff is just about the only way I can convince her to eat her food. Having 'magic' in the name is pretty accurate because after a year of only eating when she has to, my dog now eats every meal every time. Highly recommend this product!

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