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Bursting with Benefits

Bounty Bites are a soft & crunchy dog treat that is deliciously healthy for your dog. Unlike regular treats, our Bounty Bites are grain free and gluten free. With all natural ingredients, they taste amazing without the need for added sugars and salts.

Bounty Bites have No corn, wheat, sugar, salt, soy, grains or gluten. Because they have no unnecessary ingredients we called them Bounty Bites instead of a biscuit or a cookie. They are the ultimate functional treat. Every flavor of Bounty Bites supports the many various aspects of your dog from the skin & coat, to hips & joints, to the heart, digestion, and more. We didn’t want a treat that would help just one aspect of your dog like the hips & joints, because we know that every aspect of your dog is important. Instead of buying 8+ different treats, we made a treat that helps support your dog’s entire well-being all in one beneficial, delicious treat.

Our Bounty Bites are Bursting with Benefits from Whole Food ingredients, where every ingredient in the treat is good for the dog, nothing bad. All of the ingredients are real foods that you yourself know and would eat. We use all natural foods so we don’t need to add any vitamins or supplements to support your dog’s health. Bounty Bites provide all Natural Answers to Nature’s Problems.
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