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The Wild Meadow Philosophy

Family Owned, Family Run

In 2011 Wild Meadow Farms began as a family-owned dog treat company located in Lancaster, PA. Our commitment to provide fresh and all-natural, all-U.S.A. dog treats was born out of a passion for quality food and the desire to keep production and sourcing here in the U.S.A.

Wild Meadow Farms is a family business. It was started in an effort to make great treats for our dog. As a family, we enjoy sustainably-raised meat from local farms, milk from the local market, and vegetables from local road-side stands. What we eat is very important to us and we know you feel the same about your pet.

Our Own Dog 

We began looking for alternative treats for our own dog. He was 15 at the time and he had very few teeth left and found common treats too difficult to chew. We looked into the available treats and noticed they were full of unnecessary grains, fillers, and flavorings. The treats also included low quality ingredients, were sourced overseas, and many times were manufactured outside of the US. Instead of a short list of ingredients we were confronted with a paragraph of unpronounceable ingredients. We thought that his treats should be as high of quality as the food we eat. We determined to make something better that we could feed our dog and something that you can feel good about feeding your dog too.

Grain Free, High Quality Ingredients

At Wild Meadow Farms our three brands of treats contain NO grains, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, or animal by-products. Our treats, however, DO contain all U.S.A. raised and sourced ingredients. We are very serious about quality and therefore all of our treats are minimally processed. We take our “made in the USA” claim very seriously, and go so far as to only use product bags and boxes that are printed here in the USA. We quickly found that it was this detail of care and attention to quality that struck a cord with so many of our customers.

What People Say about Wild Meadow Treats

“Thank you for making these treats. My dog loves them and I don’t have to feel guilty about giving him a reward.” - DD (Massachusetts)

“His big dark eyes simply light up when I reach for the jerky!” - AB (Pennsylvania)

“My dog...loves them, and he is the pickiest dog...that I’ve ever known” - KH (California)


We find it a joy to make treats and bring joy to you and your dog. Dogs know when something isn’t right and there are many picky eaters out there. We strive to make treats that are appreciated and enjoyed by the discerning dog.

We are committed to bring you a great all-U.S.A. treat for your pets from Start to Finish. We encourage you to let your best friend try our best treat. Treat Up!

The Team at Wild Meadow Farms

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